Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Haritaki Plus, is obtained in North America

Remarkable Magical Powers created by Haritaki

Haritaki has been famous as the "King of Herbs" and the only herb in the directory of thousands of herbs to "Enhance Spiritual Awareness". Haritakis' s use for that purpose has fallen into disuse till the last few years. The revival of Haritaki for its true and more extensive benefits has been stimulated by the incredible outcomes that are from India from its use. Countless adults and youths who consume Haritaki daily are showing remarkable Instinct and third eye awakening capabilities and demonstrating these energies through browsing while blindfolded. On this website we share details about these developments, and offer detailed history, medical research study and clinical information in addition to the most mystical information readily available as we discover it. Please return routinely to find out where to get this herb in the United States and Canada

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Monday, January 18, 2016

The best medicine available

Haritaki is the most powerful spiritual herb known to man. Haritaki is renowned in Ayruvedic medicine as being the “King of Medicines” and is listed as the first and most important herb in the directories. It is only herb that is listed as having the ability to increase Spiritual awareness. In Buddhism the Medicine Buddha is pictured holding Haritaki (Harde, kadukkai, Terminalia Chebula)  in both hands in many paintings. It is regarded as the “Supreme nectar that Illuminates the Mind”. Haritaki  comes from the seed of the tree Terminalia Chebula which grows to 100 ft, or 30 meters in India, and throughout south east Asia. Haritaki has a number of other names, including Harde,  and kadukkai .
To buy Hartiki (Harde, Kadukkai, Terminalia Chebula) we recommend contacting Kailash Herbals. We sell an organic Haritaki that is also blessed by an Indian enlightened master which is why we call it Haritaki+.
While Haritaki) has powerful physical healing properties including cleansing the gastro intestinal tract, the most powerful use of Haritaki is for its Yogic Mystical powers. It is the only herb anywhere in the world that has been demonstrated to assist in opening the 3rd eye permanently and develop extraordinary intuition. To date over 1000 people who use Haritaki regularly have demonstrated the power of their 3rd eyes, by blindfold reading. Watch this video: http://haritaki.org/super-brain-food/

For maximum success with increasing brain and spiritual development it is recommended that you consume 3 capsules per day for at least 6 months.